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Learn the secrets of union organizing and how you can proactively communicate with employees. When they know the tactics organizers use, employees are far less vulnerable to a union sales pitch.

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In this all-new “Little Card, Big Trouble” video, powerful vignettes reveal the realities of what goes on during a union card signing drive. Little Card, Big Trouble removes the hesitation many people feel when discussing their views on unionization. Often, once the video is shown, employees that previously were silent will speak out about their desire to remain union-free.

Stop Card Signing in 17 Minutes with "Little Card, Big Trouble"


This all-new "Little Card, Big Trouble" video contains scenarios based on true-to-life examples of union organizers and the tactics they use to get their in-house pushers to collect signatures - whatever it takes.


As it always has been, the latest "Little Card, Big Trouble" video is non-confrontational - this video presents the truth about union authorization cards in a just-the-facts way that encourages employees to educate themselves, rather than believing everything they hear.


"Little Card, Big Trouble" has been trusted by companies large and small, throughout North America, and by the Attorneys and Consultants that advise them, for decades.


The new update of "Little Card, Big Trouble" reflects current styles, tactics, and legal changes, but the content and message have remained highly effective since 1989.


Projections' clients use "Little Card, Big Trouble" to stop card signing AND even to reduce their vulnerability by sharing it with new employees When your union-free philosophy is conveyed from Day One, employees are far less susceptible to the promises a union organizer may make.

A Few of the Industries Where “Little Card, Big Trouble” Succeeds

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